Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Lima, OH - The death of George Floyd is a tragic reminder of the bias and violence that exist in our society. Because of this incident and other acts of discrimination, particularly against minority communities and LGBTQ+ persons, we want to emphasize our commitment to our belief that every individual is entitled to participate in and have free and ready access to all benefits of our society. No violence nor discrimination by a person or an organized group will be tolerated here.

The Coworking Center believes that Real American Strength comes from diversity and allowing every person to be their authentic selves so that all their talent can shine. We are our best when we work together for progress that includes everyone. Exclusion has no place in The Coworking Center, nor should it anywhere in Lima or beyond.

The Coworking Center will continue to welcome members of every race, religion, nationality, age, ability, sexuality, gender identity and, of course, our veterans who have fought for our very right to do so. This aligns with our mission to create a coworking community that radically supports and promotes the welfare of our community and each other. We believe that systematic transformation is needed. We encourage other Lima businesses to join us in this pledge, and to support efforts by those who are shining a light on systematic discrimination in our community.

- The Coworking Center leadership