There’s a new face at The Coworking Center - me! Actually, I’m officially an old retired person as of November, 2019. Not going to work is cool. I get to have 3 hour lunches with a friend .. on a Tuesday! Sometimes my husband and I have little arguments about what day it is. I have to get out of my recliner to check the calendar and win the bet. I’m pretty busy, but I had to jump on this opportunity to sit at a desk in The Coworking Center and write a blog. I am putting a big check mark on my bucket list.

I had two big dreams as a little girl: to be a teacher and a writer when I grew up. I got to fulfill the teaching part by working as the “Spaceship Commander” of a portable planetarium for Ohio State University in Lima. For 12 years I sent classrooms of kids into outer space to learn about the planets and stars in the night sky. I spent another 12 years as the Children’s Director at Shawnee Alliance Church. My job was to tell the children Bible stories, which required a lot of costumes, messy science experiments, and confetti cannons. Now, I want to see what happens with dream number two. So I’m sitting in The Coworking Center typing (and deleting) words while sipping on Meeting Place coffee. Day 1 of who I want to be: a writer. Dreams do come true even when your path is curvier than you expected.

With this blog I want to tell the good news stories of Lima. One of my best nights of this Covid summer was going to a Wednesday night concert at the Happy Daz patio behind the Civic Center. Even with a mask on, it was so much fun listening to live music, seeing friends, being out of the house. As my grandmother used to say, “It was good for my soul.” There are so many people using their talents and resources to help make our town, and especially downtown, an exciting place to be. The Coworking Center was created to provide a space for people to develop, explore and collaborate ways to use their creative talents to enhance life in Lima. I want to add to this team by writing about the events that make life in Lima fun, the people that blow you away with their kindnesses, and the moments that make you smile .... The end for now.

Blog by Sara Newman, Resident Writer of The Coworking Center

Photo by Modo Media, taken over downtown Lima, Ohio during the Legacy Arts Street Party, 2019

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