Well, it’s been awhile since my first blog post.  Actually it’s been 7 months and 19 days.  Some might say I’m a slacker, others (mostly enablers) could sympathetically point to a long writer’s block. Me, I named it a panicky existential crisis.  Not the stare-into-space-who-am-I kind of dilemma.  More like a self sabotage game plan to stay so busy I just would never have time to create anything. I mean at my stage of life I know who I am - and it’s not a writer. I intended to throw this dream in the wastebasket and get on with the important stuff like folding laundry.  As part of my “stay busy” plan I started working at Shop For Good two days a week. The air is thick with creativity at the Shop and I can’t help becoming inspired by all the artists who bring their handmade crafts into our shop. I'm also intimidated. Each Maker made a decision to offer their creations to the world.  They risk rejection (what if nobody likes what I made?) They face doubt (somebody else could do this better - probably already has). And then there is the actual work. Gathering the canvas and paints, opening the clay and throwing it on the wheel, stringing the beads for necklaces and earrings. They got out of their chair and took the first step toward a dream. That's where I'm stuck - on my porch swing daydreaming about being a writer. I would love to encourage people with words that bring a smile, hope, maybe even a laugh or two.  Remember Erma Bombeck? (I may be telling you how old I am).  She's my hero. She wrote a newspaper column called “At Wit’s End” that I started following as a preteen back in the late 1960’s.  I looked forward to reading and laughing at her observations and irritations of everyday life in Dayton, Ohio. I would love to do that about life in Lima.  Why is it easier to just wish upon a star?  Wait for someday to come along.  It’s scary to put your heart’s passion out there for people to see.  I mostly feel naked and a little nauseous (even writing this little paragraph makes my heart beat fast - so silly - I know). But each time I come to Shop For Good I'm surrounded by artistic creations made by courageous people who said "I'm doing this!"  And it gives me the push to reach for my dream too.  We are created to create. It's good for our souls.  Spend some time in Shop For Good, let all the creative inspiration in here light your imagination on fire.  Every unique item says "Go For It." 

So I am going for it...again!  You can find me at the desk I abandoned many months ago in The Coworking Center….. writing stories about folding laundry creatively.

signed, Sara - wishful writer

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