Hello, hello. My name is Joao Rupp de Paiva, and I am the new college intern for The Coworking Center. I am an international student from Brazil and I am a senior at the University of Northwestern Ohio. I plan on graduating this next fall., I have been here in the US for almost 4 years now but when I came here in 2017, the people, the environment and the culture, everything was new, and it took a couple of months to actually get used to all those changes. Four years later I feel pretty much at home (don’t tell my parents, as they say my home is back in Brazil close to them). Living far away from friends and family taught me how to adapt and how to embrace new challenges, that is why when I had the opportunity to join The Coworking Center as an intern, I had to take it. So here I am, ready for new challenges and eager to learn what this new chapter has to teach me.

Out of these four years, on my freshman and sophomore I used to go to college in Arkansas, after, I decided to transfer and that is how I ended up here in Lima. I am a soccer player at UNOH and have been a soccer player for as long as I can remember. My hobbies consist of playing sports, video games, hanging out with friends and binge-watching shows. I also used to run track and field for my freshman and sophomore years of college but now I only play soccer. I have a one year younger brother and two dogs, Vader and Otto. I’m excited to work with The Coworking Center and see what challenges and experiences this opportunity will have for me.

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