Aimee Bucher is originally from Lima, Ohio.  She is the CEO and Founder of Harrison Latham, where they are working with several companies to create happier workplaces for employees.  Aimee is also writing a book about systemic, personal, organizational, and community/global happiness. She is the executive producer for TEDxFaurotPark and they will have their first signature event on October 9, 2021!

Aimee likes to read, she enjoys acting in the community theatre productions. She joined a poetry club and she's a member of the Writer's Community. She loves traveling with her kids, owns a garden that she enjoys in the warmer months, and volunteers with different organizations like Rotary.

Aimee's dream, when she was a kid and still is today, is to build communities that are based on empathy, compassion, and love. "We can create systemic happiness in ways that make real differences in people's lives". She experienced those feelings from a little town that she created during recess when she was in kindergarten. "During recess, I would sit among those roots and create a little town with sticks and rocks and leaves. In my town, everyone got along, everyone was kind and took care of one another... I still have this dream, that we can create communities based on empathy, compassion, and love."

Aimee is really grateful for this community, that she has missed during the pandemic and is looking forward to seeing people face to face again. |

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