Ambyr Rose is from Greenville, SC. She enjoys dancing, doing karaoke, traveling, learning about new business, and cooking.

She has been very successful in creating an Airbnb business in Lima, and has created comfortable space for those who need to travel to Lima for an extended stay.

Ambyr also founded a popular pet sitting business. She is currently working on rolling out a payment option as well as a subscription option on her pet-sitting app so that people can pay directly through her app instead of different digital options.

Among her other many talents is recorded voice for online marketing, radio, and TV commercials.

Ambyr dreamed of being a veterinarian and a princess when she was a kid, one of the things that she enjoyed about being a part of the Coworking Center is that she has an office space that doesn't mandate her to come in every day.

AmbyrRose |

P.S. Check out her adorable elementary photo!
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