We'd like to introduce you to Alvin Banks II, one of our newest members at The Coworking Center!

Alvin embraces entrepreneurship. When he was younger he wanted to create his own car brand. He was very fascinated and still is, with cars of all kinds. He joined The Coworking Center because he wanted a space free from distractions and filled with like minded people looking for a way out of the "rat race." He especially loves engaging with people in the entrepreneurial field, to learn about their successes and failures, so he can find the secrets to his own success.

We often ask "How did you end up in Lima?" Alvin said:  "I came here with a girl and although after things went south I could have gone back to my hometown in Richmond, Virginia but I truly felt something held me here. That something felt like an opportunity to make a difference; everyday it continued to shine within my dreams, my daydreams, while at work, etc. I kept seeing signs I believe from up above that this is where my life will change so I stayed put. I gave up on becoming something I dreamed of becoming but as time went on being here the beast within me awakened and it's hungry for more."

In his free time, Alvin likes to workout at Westwood Fitness Center, to read self-help books, to work on his side hustles, and to publish on his podcast Mind Inhale. He loves opera music, "the vocals of the people behind the tracks I listen to move me and get me ready for the day," he said.

We asked Alvin.... What would you like to tell the readers of the blog?
He said "Your biggest asset is your mind; it isn't money or anything income based. If you feed your mind with skills that are high paying skills, the income you want to make will follow. Focus on building your mind and live within the present."

We think that's good advice!

Check out Alvin's Podcast: Mind Inhale
Listen on Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/mind-inhale/id1580350346
Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/67EbqFv7QadX9BKQpv4sp7