Healing Hands inside the Coworking Center

For many, the pandemic has been tough. We all understand the effects of being sick, the economy, and the drain mentally. But one thing many people have missed is the effect that mental drain has on your body. The tension held in your shoulders, the headache that shows up day after day, and the general feeling of unrest within your body due to lack of physical touch. That’s where Alexandria comes in!

Alexandria Hickman is a licensed medical massage therapist who graduated from the Dayton School of Medical Massage in September 2021, became licensed through the Ohio State Medical Board and opened the doors to her practice on October 18th. Known for her individuality, Alexandria considers massage an art form and uses that individuality to tailor the experience of mental and physical healing through different forms of massage therapy. Running her own practice allows for that creatively to shine through and offers time with each client to ensure they receive the best possible treatment for their needs.

Alexandria is also a former barista with the Meeting Place, a fact which makes working within the Coworking Center even better! Now she can get her favorite drink, an Iced Crème Brûlée Latte just by popping over into the cafe! It was also important that Alexandria opened her practice in the Coworking Center because she has a passion for Downtown Lima and the Coworking Center provided her with a nice, professional environment in the heart of the city. Being central to her clients over the next five years will be important, as Alexandria intends to expand her practice and greatly increase and diversify her clientele. 

There are a few questions we like to ask each new business when they join our Coworking Center. A “getting to know you” of sorts that allows a peak behind the professional exterior into the hearts of each member. One of our favorites is “When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you ‘grew up’” and Alexandria’s may surprise you. Not only did she dream of being a welder, but she actually did it! She became a certified welder and worked in that field for many years. But life leads each of us to a calling and passion, and Alexandria left welding behind to pursue her true passion: helping others. It’s no surprise then, that the one person from history she would like to meet and have dinner with is Bob Ross. Drawn to his gentle nature, his wisdom, kindness and art, he serves as a perfect illustration of the kind of person Alexandria aspires to be both personally and professionally. 

In a final thought, Alexandria would like to share some wisdom she’s acquired throughout life’s journey with her fellow coworking members and those reading this blog. “Never settle. Beautiful opportunities are waiting on the other side of fear. Take the leap!” By opening her own practice, joining the Coworking Center and now holding a Grand Opening Ceremony on February 3rd, 2022 at 4:30, Alexandria is taking her own advice. We can’t wait to see you on Thursday in the Coworking Center to celebrate Alexandria and her incredible accomplishments thus far. And we certainly can’t wait to see who might join the movement next.

To schedule a therapeutic massage:
Phone: 419-860-0339
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ahickmanLMT/ Website:
Web: https://alexandriahickmanlmt.amtamembers.com

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