The American Marketing Association (AMA) is a national organization that helps marketing and business professionals network and grow their knowledge in the field. The University of Northwestern Ohio uses this great platform to allow students to get experience with real-life marketing scenarios.
     In mid-March, the AMA is attending a Collegiate conference where they will compete in various marketing events against other chapters. They meet weekly to discuss the different projects that they are working on and even challenge and hone their marketing skills. The UNOH AMA is working to grow a little, more especially in the digital marketing field. Digital marketing has so many aspects that surround it such as social media, photography, graphic design, and even analytics. Utilizing a variety of individual skills each person contributes allowing them to take on new opportunities.
     The AMA has recently taken on the challenge of doing a digital marking internship with The Coworking Center. The students as well as the founder of The Coworking Center came together as a group to figure out the best content and strategy to grow her followers and business. They will use the knowledge they have learned in school to figure out how to implement it into a real business. Utilizing specific times of the day and days of the week, as well as creating a content strategy will help to fill any vacancies that the Coworking Center may have. They looked at data and analytics in order to figure out which time of the day, day of the week, and which content will gain the most impressions and fill vacancies at The Coworking Center.

     They will use this same platform to help the National Racing Alliance- Sprint Invader series. They are going to take over their digital marketing by utilizing Facebook and YouTube to boost attendance and sales at the races. Social media is a huge marketing tool that the students at UNOH are exploring. There are many different ways to utilize social media and can be specific to each type of business.
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