Congratulations to Michael Thompson, a member of The Coworking Center, for launching his new business! Article published on The Lima News. Access article.

Blessed to be blessing: Chemist creates soap company to help others

Michael Thompson created a soap company to help others pursuing a career in business.

Precious Grundy | The Lima News

LIMA — The greatest business is the business of helping others. Lima native Michael Thompson created a for-profit business to do just that.

The company is known as Ev’ Dera. The hope is to not only provide quality care products but also to help others do the same.

“It is all really based in helping people even in the name,” Thompson said. “The name came from another company that I was helping it get together its business model for its company. The person who founded it began to have health issues and I said, ‘if I develop another company I will make sure your wife is taken care of.’ (The company name) is a mixture of her name and his name.”

He is not new to the world of production or creating companies. Thompson currently works at Charles Laboratories and previously operated six other businesses.

“We have started off with soaps and hope to expand and create (body) scrubs,” Thompson said. “We started doing individual consultation with different people about what is in their products — we also want to bring people in to help them move forward (in business).”

Thompson created the company to become a resource for those who are attempting to create their own business in the industry of health and beauty.

“Everything about what I am doing now is all about community and helping others,” Thompson said. “That is what I love to do. I love science and business but also helping others develop and succeed.”

The company sells many body soaps and encourages others who are interested in the field.

For more information reach Michael Thompson at [email protected].

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