Mission:  Support local talent and entrepreneurship in Lima, Ohio, by building shared intellectual and physical spaces and shared resources among professionals.


  • Promote focused collaboration and co-innovation in technology, arts, and other sectors
  • Provide leadership to Lima in developing shared spaces where said collaborations can take place
  • Provide affordable access to these spaces to remotely- and independently-employed individuals
  • Identify and support opportunities for outreach between the Co-working and greater Lima community to further leverage the talent of these independent professionals.


  • Passion for intellection and innovation
  • Commitment to inclusiveness and respect for differences
  • Desire to networking and collaborating with other professionals
  • Interest in together building a workplace that optimizes environmental sustainability, human-centered design, and utility

Long-term objectives:

  • A community of innovative, diverse people and talents who inspire and engage with each other
  • Greater consideration of Lima by remote employees and entrepreneurs who are looking for a mid-sized city but a “larger-city” technology and arts community with common focus.
  • Greater attractiveness of Lima to “Millennials” seeking economic opportunities that highlight values of sustainability, innovation, and inclusiveness and opportunities to connect with national and global markets.
  • Greater personal income, tax revenues, and community heath for Lima citizens.
  • Positive perception of the culture of the Greater Lima Region and its downtown city hub because unique, innovative startups locate here.

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